1.  Sometimes when tracing to heat n bond and you need to draw a straight line; you can use a little ruler to trace the lines.
  2.  Sometimes when you have lots of applique to do; it is wise to use a stabilizer behind your project.  Helpful Hint:  You can use a piece of muslin.
  3. The machine stitches you can use are either the zig zag, blanket stitch, or satin stitch around your applique pieces.
  4. Sometimes you need templates and they are usually made from applique plastic.  Most quilt shops have this available.  Helpful Hint:  Most Dollar Stores have clear or almost clear kitchen chopping mats, and these can be used as templates.
  5. If you have several pieces to applique; Helpful Hint:  applique them from bottom of your project up.

Here are some of the supplies you might need to get started on your applique project:

Easy applique quilt patterns

Light box

Paper – back fusible

Pressing Sheet

Right Needle and Thread (Your local quilt shop can help with this)


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