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We are a collection of passionate quilters.  All of them are from various  backgrounds.  Skill levels range from beginners, advanced, novice, experts to Master quilters. We welcome the oppurtunity to share our passion of our art with you.  Come check us out!

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We give to those in need!

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2021 Donations

Just wanted to thank all the guild members for all there hard work for 2021. Special shout out to our local quilt shop for letting the guild members use their shop as a drop off point. Thank you Kay Dieterich and Sheila Haywood for all your hard work on community service. Community Service Donation Totals for the year 2021. Jonathan's Place: 56 quilts, 12 pairs socks, 64 pillowcases and 38 love bug pillows. Sharing Life: 38 quilts, 101 masks and 68 pillowcases. Soup Mobile: 69 summer blankets, 18 pair socks, 17 jackets, 4 sweatshirts, 46 caps, 1 scarf, canned goods, 7 pillowcases, and toiletries.

Community Sew Days

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Donation to Sharing Life

Love Bug Donations

Few of the donated Pillowcases

Donation - Community Service Quilt

Donation - Pillowcases



Quilt In A Day Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes

Here is another helpful hint from one of the shops that I visited while I was in Bossier City, LA.  “Fabric Boutique”.  1701 Old Minden Road #11 – Bossier City, LA 71111
By : Linda Burks | Jul 1, 2019

Matrti Mitchell Templates

Here is a helpful hint from one of the shops that I traveled to while I was in Idaho in May 2019. Callies Niche in Bonners Ferry, Idaho 83805 One thing I
By : Linda Burks | Jun 15, 2019

Rubbing Alcohol

Do you use your ink pens when drawing lines with one of your favorite rulers? Have you noticed the ink getting on the outside of the ruler? Well use rubbing alcohol; it
By : Linda Burks | Jun 3, 2019

Number of strips from fat quarters (18″ x 22″)

2″ = 8 2.5″ = 6 3″ = 6 3.5″ = 5 4″ = 4 4.5″ = 4 5″ = 3 5.5″ = 3 6″ = 3 6.5″ = 2
By : Linda Burks | Mar 26, 2019

Number of squares from fat quarter (18″ x 22″)

2″ = 99 2.5″ = 56 3.5″ = 30 4″ = 20 4.5″ = 16 5″ = 12 5.5″ = 12 6″ = 9 6.5″ = 6 7″ = 6 8″ =
By : Linda Burks | Mar 26, 2019

Half Square Triangles and how we can love them!

Here is a method of cutting half square triangles perfect everytime and a way to make 8 at once. Using this technique minimizes waste and ensures accuracy when you’re cutting a large
By : Linda Burks | Mar 17, 2019

The Best Medicine

It is said that you can use acetaminophen tablet to clean your dirty or sticky iron. Just place them in a soft rage and the debris should just roll off.
By : Linda Burks | Feb 16, 2019

The Right Direction

When constructing a quilt top; some arrange rows of blocks on the floor. But, you dont want to forget which way to press the seams when you move them to ironing board.
By : Linda Burks | Feb 16, 2019

On the Dot

It is said that when you first get a spool of thread, to place a black marketr dot at the thread holder slit. Makes it easier to find the slit when you
By : Linda Burks | Feb 16, 2019

Cool Colors

They say if you put fabric makers and Pigma pens last as long as possible, they say to store them in a plastic bag in the vegetable bin of the refrigerator. The
By : Linda Burks | Feb 16, 2019

Tips for Fused Applique by Barbara

 Sometimes when tracing to heat n bond and you need to draw a straight line; you can use a little ruler to trace the lines.  Sometimes when you have lots of applique
By : Linda Burks | Jan 9, 2019

How to distingish lights, med and darks!

For all of you wondering about lights, mediums and darks. I was introduced to this way of checking your hues to determine if a fabric plays well with the scheme you are
By : Linda Burks | Dec 31, 2018

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